Super-Leakage! Amazon Might Have Revealed “The Boys” Season 4 Release Date

Get ready, Supes fans, because there’s a juicy rumor circulating the internet faster than Home lander on Compound V. Amazon might have accidentally leaked the release date for the highly anticipated fourth season of “The Boys.”

Mark your calendars for June 13, 2024, because that’s the date that’s been popping up on various platforms, including Reddit and movie news websites. While Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed this, the whispers are getting louder, leaving fans in a frenzy of speculation.

StageDate (Estimated)
Official AnnouncementFebruary 14, 2024 (120 days before release)
Teaser Trailer ReleaseApril 14, 2024 (60 days before release)
Full Trailer ReleaseMay 14, 2024 (30 days before release)
Early Premiere Screening (Red Carpet Event)June 6, 2024 (7 days before release)
Global ReleaseJune 13, 2024

The news comes after months of radio silence from the “The Boys” camp. We knew filming wrapped back in April, but with the writers’ strike and post-production hurdles, the release date remained a mystery. This alleged leak, if true, throws a wrench into those uncertainties and gives us a concrete target to fix our laser vision on.

Of course, it’s important to approach this with a healthy dose of skepticism. Leaks can be false alarms, and until Amazon makes an official announcement, we should take this date with a grain of salt. But hey, even a potential release date is better than nothing, right?

While we wait for confirmation, let’s dissect the implications of a June release. If this date holds, it would mean a two-year gap between seasons, the longest yet for “The Boys.” This could be due to the aforementioned production setbacks, or it could be a strategic move by Amazon to give the show more breathing room and avoid oversaturating the market.

One thing’s for sure: June 13th can’t come soon enough. We’re itching to see what twisted shenanigans The Seven, The Boys, and all our favorite supes get up to next. Will Butcher finally take down Homelander? Will Hughie and Starlight rekindle their romance? Will Kimiko unleash her full Krakatoa-level rage? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Season 4 promises to be even more explosive than the last.

So, buckle up, Vought-worshippers and Butcher-backers alike. The wait for “The Boys” Season 4 might be longer than we expected, but if this leak is accurate, it’ll be well worth it. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility to avoid spoilers until the official release date. We wouldn’t want to end up like poor Lamplighter, now would we?

Stay tuned for further updates, and in the meantime, let’s keep the “The Boys” hype train rolling!

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