The Machine

Get ready for side-splitting laughs and jaw-dropping stunts in the 2023 action-comedy, “The Machine.” This high-octane flick boasts a cast of A-listers and rising stars, each packing a punch of comedic charisma and action-film muscle. Buckle up as we meet the team bringing this story of an ex-MMA champ vs. his sentient AI sparring partner to life:

Bert Kreischer as Himself:

Bert Kreischer as Himself

Forget Rocky, meet Bert! Comedian Bert Kreischer takes on a fictionalized version of himself – a washed-up fighter named Bert facing retirement woes, family drama, and an unexpected opponent: his AI training bot with a mind of its own. Picture Kreischer’s stand-up routine mixed with Rocky Balboa’s training montage, and you’ve got Bert’s journey in a nutshell.

Mark Hamill as Albert, Bert's Dad

May the Force be with Bert, because he needs all the fatherly advice he can get from Star Wars legend Mark Hamill as Albert. Hamill’s heartwarming performance adds depth and humor to the film, exploring the complex father-son dynamic amidst the robot-punching chaos. Think Luke Skywalker offering life lessons instead of Jedi training, and you’ve got Hamill nailing his role.

Jimmy Tatro as Young Bert:

Jimmy Tatro as Young Bert

Jimmy Tatro channels his comedic energy into young Bert, showcasing the fighter’s early days and the events that shaped him. Tatro’s portrayal seamlessly complements Kreischer’s, creating a smooth transition between different stages of Bert’s life. Imagine Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, but with more MMA moves and fewer time-traveling shenanigans.

Iva Babić as Irina, a Mobster:

Iva Babic - IMDb

Hold onto your popcorn, because Croatian actress Iva Babić steals the show as Irina, a ruthless mobster with a vested interest in Bert’s AI sparring partner. Babić brings a captivating edge and fierce presence to the screen, adding danger and excitement to the story. Think a female Tony Montana with a killer smile and even deadlier fighting skills.

Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn:

Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn

Providing the hilarious grounding force amidst the robot mayhem is Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn, Bert’s long-suffering wife. Kurtzuba’s relatable performance offers a counterpoint to the film’s absurdity, and her chemistry with Kreischer is pure comedic gold. Picture Elaine Benes from Seinfeld navigating the chaos of an MMA household.

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Bonus Casting Gems:

The supporting cast is equally stellar, featuring talents like Martyn Ford as Sponge (Bert’s hulking trainer), Jess Gabor as Sasha (Bert’s daughter), Rita Bernard Shaw as Ashley (Bert’s sassy manager), and Nikola Đuričko as Igor (a menacing mob enforcer). Each adds their own flavor to the film, creating an unforgettable ensemble.

More Than Just Laughs:

While “The Machine” promises nonstop laughs, it also tackles themes of family, redemption, and facing your fears. The cast brings sincerity and emotional depth to their characters, making you care about their journeys even amidst the absurd situations.

Ready to Rumble? With its talented cast, hilarious script, and thrilling action sequences, “The Machine” is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh and a wild ride. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be entertained by this action-packed comedy gem.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the official trailer for “The Machine” to get a glimpse of the cast in action and even more hilarious moments!

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