Top 10 Most Popular Indian Movies

Bollywood, the awesome world of Indian movies, has some mega-hits that everyone loves! Let’s check out the coolest movies that rocked the box office till now. Get ready for the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Indian Movies till.

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Movies List

1. Dangal – Wrestling Wonder (2024 Crores):

Imagine a movie about wrestling becoming the biggest hit ever! That’s Dangal for you! With 2024 Crores in the bag, it’s the reigning champ.

2. Baahubali 2 – Epic Adventure (1810 Crores):

Baahubali 2 is like a giant adventure story with kings, queens, and amazing battles. It’s got 1810 Crores worldwide – that’s huge!

3. RRR – South Indian Superstars (1236 Crores):

RRR is a South Indian movie that roared its way to 1236 Crores. It’s full of action and excitement, and people all around the world loved it.

4. KGF 2 – Rocky’s Return (1235.2 Crores):

KGF 2 is another action-packed movie, and Rocky is the hero here. It made a whopping 1235.2 Crores globally – that’s mind-blowing!

5. Jawaan – Heartwarming Tale (1162.08 Crores +):

Jawaan is a feel-good movie that touched everyone’s heart. It collected a cool 1162.08 Crores and made us smile.

6. Pathaan – Super Spy Story (1052.85 Crores):

Pathaan is like a super-secret spy mission on the big screen. It brought in 1052.85 Crores and kept us on the edge of our seats.

7. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Heartwarming Adventure (910 Crores):

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is all about heart and adventure. With 910 Crores in its pocket, it’s a favorite for many.

8. Animal – Wild and Thrilling (902 Crores):

Animal is like a wild ride filled with excitement. It’s got 902 Crores in its collection – that’s a lot of fans!

9. Secret Superstar – A Secret Star’s Journey (858 Crores):

Secret Superstar is the story of a hidden talent. It’s got 858 Crores worldwide, showing that everyone loves a good underdog tale.

10. PK – Alien Adventure (743 Crores):

PK takes us on an adventure with an alien! With 743 Crores, it’s proof that sometimes, the weirder, the better.


These movies aren’t just big in India; they’re big worldwide! From heartwarming tales to epic adventures, Bollywood has something for everyone. And guess what? More awesome movies are on the way, making us super excited about the future of Indian cinema!

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