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Why is Andrew Wiggins Not Playing? Know about Andrew Wiggins’ Wife and His Family Matters

Those who watch basketball surely know of Andrew Wiggins. The 28 year old has a good enough record to be famous, but the reason he is in the spotlight is because of the rumors surrounding Andrew Wiggins’ wife and his best friend. 

The Golden State Warriors player has been absent for a long time, leading to his fans’ speculating about his problems with his best friend and Andrew Wiggins’ wife. Read the full article to know who is Andrew Wiggins’ best friend is and how it is connected to his absence from the NBA. 

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A Look at Andrew Wiggins’ Career

The basketball prodigy was selected through the NBA draft in 2014, and played for the Minnesota Timberwolves for the next 6 years. In 2020, Andrew Wiggins was part of a trade deal where he was sent to Golden State Warriors, it was then when he really started performing well above everyone’s expectations and became a fan favourite. 

While the Warriors failed to qualify for the league, Wiggins ended up scoring 24 points and had 5 steals in his first match. This was only the start as his efforts ended up helping Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championship in 2022. In the same year, Andrew Wiggins ended up signing a four year contract with Golden State Warriors worth $109 Millions

After his impressive record, fans had a lot of expectations from Wiggins, but sadly he has been absent from the sport for more than 2 months. This has led to rumors on the internet about Andrew Wiggins’ wife and how he is having some family problems. 

Why is Andrew Wiggins Not Playing in 2023?

Usually, when a player gets absent from a game, their team and management ends up providing information and giving a reason for it, but nothing of that sort has happened with Andrew Wiggins.

A big reason why there are so many Andrew Wiggins rumors on the internet is because there has been no clear reason for his absence from the Warriors. While there is no shortage of rumors, most of them point towards Andrew Wiggins’ wife.

Andrew Wiggins Rumors

Andrew Wiggins has missed more than 21 games, no explanation or reason for his absence has surely been hard on his fans. With all that happening, it was inevitable that there won’t be any rumors. 

Though most of the Andrew Wiggins rumors are nonsensical, the one most people believe to be true is Andrew Wiggins’ wife being pregnant with Andrew Wiggins’ best friend.

Coming from an unconfirmed source, it is stated that Andrew Wiggins’ wife has cheated on him with his best friend and is now pregnant with this child. If this happens to be true, it will be a hard thing to deal with for Andrew Wiggins and his fans. 

It is important to note that this news can very well be fake news, as it is not confirmed. What’s surprising is that Andrew Wiggins is not even married, but has a girlfriend who he has two children with. 

Even after knowing all this, fans can’t keep themselves away from the Andrew Wiggins rumors, mostly because of how true they sound.  

Who Is Andrew Wiggins’ Best Friend?

While there is no reason to believe these rumors, people are still believing in it, mostly because they know who is Andrew Wiggins’ best friend.

Wiggins’ best friend is no other than Jordan Poole. People may not know much about the life of Andrew Wiggins, but one thing everyone knows about is the friendship he has with Jordan Poole.

Both Andrew and Jordan play for the same team and both joined in the same season. Poole is known as the trusted companion of Wiggins. The friendship between Andrew Wiggins and his best friend is the reason why his fans are so shaken about the rumors.

Who Is Andrew Wiggins’ Wife?

As we have mentioned above, Andrew Wiggins is not married, but he has been in a relationship with Mychal Johnson since 2013. The two of them has two children together.

Are the Andrew Wiggins Rumors True?

Even with everything going on, the rumors about Andrew Wiggins’ wife and his best friend are mostly not true. In March of 2023, Mychal Johnson took to Twitter to share her views on the rumors surrounding her and Jordan Poole, she shared how the Internet is a sick place and that the rumors are the farthest thing from the trust.

This has surely helped clear the air around the absence of Andrew Wiggins. 

Why is Andrew Wiggins Not Playing?

Clearing off the rumors, we can now address the real reason why Andrew has been absent for more than two months. All the news about Andrew Wiggins’ Wife and best friend are likely false, we would advise everyone not to indulge in any news, as Shams Charania (a sports journalist) has given an update on the situation.

Shams took to his Twitter to share the news to put an end to all the Andrew Wiggins rumors. 

Charania revealed that Andrew Wiggins is going through family matters and that he is unable to focus on the game. With Wiggins going through a hard time, fans should note that he deserves to take some time off and spend it with his family who needs him more than his fans does. 

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